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Will apple's iPhone be driven out of India?

Apple's sales in China over the past two years has been China's own brand competition, the market share has been shrinking, in this case, the apple has been focusing on India's smartphone market, and to invest in the market constantly. Apple is a big fan of the world's second most populous nation and has made radical changes to adapt to local regulations. So far, however, apple has not performed well in India.

"We are investing in India because I see a lot of similarities between the Indian market and China a few years ago," said apple chief executive Tim cook. In fact, apple's investment in India still pays off much less than in China, where at least a few years of iPhone sales have failed to make the top five.

Less than 1% share of the market

in the second quarter of this year India for 21% growth is strong, mainly thanks to the new product launch and promotion to force. But with the exception of samsung, the entire Indian market is almost entirely dominated by Chinese handset makers and is still growing. Apple's iPhone's market share in India this quarter was less than 1%, a record low, according to a market monitor report. Because the iPhone is aimed at the high end of the market, it's hard to get enough traction in India. India is a country with a per capita gross domestic product of less than $2,000, according to the world bank, and the price of high-end iphones simply cannot adjust to local consumption levels.

Cook still insist on

although the setback in the Indian market, but the cook insisted on, apple has already be ready to fight in India, apple investment for the Chinese market has been very patient, and produce generous returns, so apple will certainly be patient for India market. However, although the Indian market and Chinese market is highly similar, different development class, however, can cook rewrite Chinese glory in India, let's wait and see.

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