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China has more than 70 million IPv6 users

                             Quote from:July 13, 2018 07:40, China news network author: liu yuying

The scale deployment of China's IPv6, the sixth edition of the Internet protocol, has achieved remarkable results, with more than 70 million users allocated IPv6 addresses. Experts say the development of IPv6 in China has come at the best time.

China's IPv6 development BBS was held in Beijing on July 12 as part of the 2018 China Internet conference. Zhang feng, chief engineer of the ministry of industry and information technology, told the conference that China's basic telecommunications enterprises have completed the transformation of LTE(4G) network IPv6 in 26 provinces and hundreds of prefectures and cities, and have allocated IPv6 addresses to over 70 million users.

        By the end of 2018, the number of active IPv6 users will reach 200 million, accounting for no less than 20 percent of Internet users, according to the development goal set out in the action plan for promoting the large-scale deployment of Internet protocol 6 (IPv6).

        Shao guanglu, vice general manager of China unicom, said that China unicom has provided LTE network IPv6 data services in some cities (urban areas) in 15 provinces (cities) including Beijing, guangdong, shandong and hubei.In Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, jinan, Qingdao and other cities can provide fixed broadband network IPv6 services.

At present, the global Internet based on the fourth edition of the Internet protocol (IPv4) is faced with such restrictive problems as the depletion of network addresses and the lack of guarantee of service quality. IPv6 can provide sufficient network addresses and vast space for innovation, and it is universally recognized as the next generation Internet business application solution.

        China has less than 1 percent of IPv6 users and ranks the 70th in the world in terms of penetration, according to huang clarification, vice President of the China Internet society.There are now 32 countries where IPv6 users account for more than 50 percent.China's IPv6 development has come at a good time.

        Promoting IPv6 scale deployment is a huge and arduous system project.According to zhang feng, the ministry of industry and information technology (miit) will support basic telecommunications enterprises to take the lead in completing network and proprietary business system transformation, comprehensively realize end-to-end connectivity of the network, and provide IPv6 services to users as soon as possible.We will implement the deployment of IPv6 applications for the industrial Internet, and support the networking transformation of IPv6 in typical industries and key industrial enterprises.Implement IPv6 network security enhancement plan, strengthen IPv6 network security capacity building, strictly implement IPv6 network address coding program.(after)


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